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Birrieria El Guero

Get off the Montana Highway near the Eastside Regional Park in El Paso, and drive along Zaragoza Road. You’ll have the opportunity to eat Texas’ best homemade Birria Tacos you’ve ever tasted.

Birrieria El Guero is a Hispanic and family-owned business that started in the summer of 2020 when Carmen and her family were celebrating a party at their house. As usual, Carmen had cooked her famous Jalisco-Style Birria Tacos with her unique traditional family recipe beloved by everyone who gets the chance to try it. People began to ask Carmen if she could start selling them way before that. But after a whole year of insistence to get Carmen on board to share her precious Birria Tacos with the world, at one point in that summer celebration someone shouted, “I wish I could eat these tacos every week!” and the idea just stook. Carmen thought, why not? And just like that, the best Birrieria in Far East El Paso was born, and it hasn’t stopped growing since the day it opened, selling out every single weekend.

Birrieria El Guero specializes in rich and juicy Birria, a traditional Mexican stew. At Birrieria El Guero, you’ll have the chance to taste a traditional Birria as every Mexican mother prepares it: with love and unique family flavors. Pass by our food truck and try our signature top-quality Birria de Res (Beef Birria) and Birria de Chivo (*Goat Birria). Taste them with our fresh tortas, quesadillas, or tacos. You can also have a cup of hot broth or consomé, and dip the crispy tacos in the flavor dripping salsita. The color, the crispiness, the meat, and the mess — there’s so much to love about Birria! And El Guero serves it just the way it’s meant to be! Bringing old-world traditional recipes from Mexico into the States, Birrieria El Guero delivers an authentic El Paso Food experience for everyone to delight.

*On select days

Now you know. If you’re searching for incredible Mexican tastes, Birrieria El Guero is definitely the number one choice. When the food truck opens for business, lines of people gather around to get a hand on their delicious Mexican staples, so demanded they all sell and fly out the little window in the blink of an eye. You can check this by yourself, just don’t get late! Try our incredible Jalisco-Style Beef or Goat Birria in Tacos, Tortas, and Quezabirrias (YES, you’ve read correctly, a giant Birria quesadilla), or blow your mind with El Guero’s Homemade Aguas Frescas, like Strawberry Horchata, Cucumber Limonada, Squirt Preparada, Dragon Fruit Lemonade and more!

Spiced to perfection, using the freshest and top-quality products in every creation, with deep, authentic Mexican flavor combinations, Birrieria El Guero has everything you need to satisfy your tastebuds. Contact us to know more about Birrieria El Guero’s catering services! We have the most fresh and delicious catering service available for you to bring the traditional authentic flavors of Mexico straight to your celebration.

But don’t just read about it; come and try it for yourself! Come by our food truck at 3800 N Zaragoza El Paso, Texas, and, if you’re new to Birria, follow our advice and dress appropriately for a splatter fiesta. But don’t worry, perfection comes with practice. Once you become a professional Birria eater, you can show up with your all whites and show off your eating skills, walking out without a stain.

We are Birrieria El Guero. Birria is our business, and business is good.